Liftmaster makes debut at LAMMA 2017

30 January 2017

Liftmaster Ltd made it’s debut at LAMMA 2017, the UK’s largest Agricultural show.  Already well established and a market leader in the garage equipment market Liftmaster decided to look at the requirements for the agricultural workshop. Liftmaster already have vehicle lifting equipment for agricultural vehicles in their product range but have recently introduced new products that they wanted to promote. LAMMA 2017 was the ideal venue for Liftmaster to enter the arena for agricultural service equipment.

The Liftmaster stand in Hall 4 exhibited  a range of specialist jacking equipment, but the star of the show was a new Wheel Trolley. A new design for the Wheel Trolley showed new innovations for positioning the wheel. Designated the WT1500 this substantially constructed trolley can handle with ease, a 1500kg wheel up to 2400mm in diameter. A waist high hydraulic pump handle moves the base rollers in and out to accept the different size wheels to raise and lower them. After the wheel has been removed it is secured to the WT1500 with an automatic ratchet strap. This feature allows good access to the wheel nuts, an improvement on models that use a post and bracket to go over the wheels. When the wheel is offered back to the vehicle it can easily be pumped up the correct height. A new feature of the WT1500 is the ability to rotate the wheel to align the studs. This is done by a wheel on the control post which allows the operator to align the studs perfectly to re-fit the wheel. The WT1500 is now truly a one man operation and a must for any workshop, with health and safety in mind, moving large heavy wheels. The WT1500 along with the lifting jacks has a 3 year warranty on the hydraulics and a 10 year warranty on the frame and mechanics.

Liftmaster Ltd have a huge range of lifting equipment including in-ground hydraulic lifts and mobile column lifts for agricultural vehicles.

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