LMBT 13 Launch

15 May 2017

Liftmaster Ltd., working closely with their supplier ATT, have produced a new product that is  unique to Liftmaster. The LMBT 13 is a commercial brake tester aimed at the many commercial workshops that only need a basic brake tester, to pre-test vehicles or test vehicles as part of the regular service schedule.

The LMBT 13 brake tester accepts vehicles up to an axle weight of 13 tons, which is  more than adequate for the permitted vehicle loads on UK roads. The chassis of the LMBT 13 brake roller set is the same as Liftmaster’s ATF approved brake tester the XL441COM. The main difference is that the LMBT 13 uses the slightly smaller 9 kW motors. This allows Liftmaster to make cost savings without effecting the durability and reliability of the brake tester. The bearings, rollers, chains etc are all the same as the XL441COM.

Most low cost brake testers use analogue control systems, this is where the LMBT 13 is different. Liftmaster has retained the PC control system of the more expensive brake testers. Using a PC control system means that you can easily and additional viewing options such as large screen TV’s or tablet PC remote controls. It also means that operator instructions are displayed on the screen. Full control of the brake tester is possible from remote controls and all test results are stored for access later.

Removal of the weighing system also saves a considerable amount of money. By doing this the brake tester cannot make decisions on the test result automatically. You should remember however that the ATF approved brake tester only uses the weighing facility to access bind and the point of brake lock out. On the LMBT 13 the axle weight can be manually entered from the vehicle plate. This the same weight that the ATF brake tester would use to calculate brake force. The slip limit can be adjusted manually, to assist in getting consistent results with the local test station. All testing parameters can be set in the program so meanignfull test results can be displayed on the screen and printout.

The LMBT 13 is an ideal brake tester for budget conscious workshop, costing less than some refurbished brake testers. With the LMBT 13 you have a top quality German manufactured brake tester made to suit the UK market. It is also approved for MOT testing classes 3, 4, 5L and 7, so is also ideal for those MOT stations that test motor homes. Many class 4 and 7 brake testers will take the weight of the large motor homes but they do not have the brake force measuring range required. With the LMBT 13 an MOT station has the facility to offer commercial brake testing, if the premises are suitable for access. Also the commercial workshop could look at the possibility of setting up an MOT station for additional revenue.

Before looking a used brake testers for your workshop call Liftmaster and see just how affordable the LMBT 13 is for your workshop.


Kevin Howard
Commercial Manager
Liftmaster Ltd

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