Wheel Service Equipment

Dynamic Truck Wheel Alignment 6 & 8 CCD

Dynamic Truck Wheel Alignment 6 & 8 CCD

Matrix Truck Wheel Alignment

WHEEL ALIGNMENT - Matrix Truck Wheel Alignment 64TWS

LCTC526N & LCTC30156.13E - Tyre Changers

TYRE CHANGERS - Electro-hydraulic tyre changer for trucks, agriculturtal and earth moving vehicles

Wheel Balancers

WHEEL BALANCERS - Automatic - comes with cones for trucks adapter and hand wheel nut

Commercial Wheel Dolly

WHEEL DOLLY - Top Quality Hydraulics fitted with Chrome Plated Piston on Ram and Pump

Liftmaster Hub Puller Kit

The Liftmaster Hub Puller is designed and manufactured by Liftmaster for specific hub removal aplications. Currently it is available for axles fitted to the Enviro 200 and 400 Busses and Meritor trailer axles. The Liftmaster Hub Puller may be addapted for many other applications. Call Liftmaster with your requirements for a quotation.

Supertracker STRT4 - Wheel Alignment System

Want to align multi axle vehicles in minutes? The STRT4 Twin steer commercial aligner complete with HD turn plates makes commercial alignment remarkable straight forward. Allows all alignment data to be read in one shot. Again another manufacturer approved multi function wheel alignment system.  The advantages with the Supertracker STRT4 truck

Wheel Grabber

Includes Chain Set and Hub socket. Optional chains and hub sockets available for aluminum and various wheels. Features a compact and portable design

WT1500 - Wheel Trolley

HEAVY WHEEL TROLLEY - 1.5 Tonne Capacity

Supertracker - STR1500 - Wheel Alignmet System

Supertracker - STR1500 - Laser Tracking Gauge